Dear Y Friends,

Reflections tell us who we are.

They’re mirror images that help us see ourselves.

They can dispel illusions or confirm beliefs.

That’s why the process of reflecting is essential to place our work in context and give it meaning.

With this in mind, we dedicate this Community Impact Report to hold a mirror up to the YMCA of Austin.

Across Metropolitan Austin, we see more than 130,000 men, women and children who benefited from Y memberships and programs in 2018, regardless of their economic circumstance.

Look closely and you’ll find yourself as well, whether you’re a Y member, program participant, employee, volunteer, partner or donor.

You play a critical role in building a more connected, healthy and engaged community for all.

You enable people of all abilities break through barriers and experience the joy that comes from moving their bodies.

You teach thousands of kids how to swim and be safe in the water, providing a lifelong and life-saving skill.

You give opportunities to those in need – from kids hungry for a nutritious meal to the homeless just looking for a place to bathe.

You fulfill our vision of creating the most accessible and affordable camp and retreat center in the region.

You help newcomers and seniors alike find stability while building a sense of community.

Aspirations may drive us, but our actions define us. Looking back, we can share in the pride of a job well done. But we are humbled by the realization that our work is never done.


Kate Henderson
Chair, Metropolitan Board of Directors
YMCA of Austin

James P. Finck
YMCA of Austin